In August 2012 Stephan and Ruth went on holiday, taking Stella's forgotten Robby Robot with them, to take some pictures to send back to the children.  But as the holiday progressed, Ruth conceived the idea of the story which follows, along with a lot of wicked subterfuge to confuse and entertain poor Stella.

At the very end, some of Stella's emails to Robby, as she was trying to figure out where he was.


Hi, my name is Robby Robot.  A little while ago I got lost - my family kind of lost me.  They don't seem to have been looking for me very hard, so I thought I'd go off on my own for a while.

If you know how to contact them, please let them know how to find me, because I don't know how to get home and I miss them.


I got on an airplane to go for a holiday somewhere different.


I waved to my family as I flew over the city where they live.  I don't think they would have noticed.

I went to a cool lake and went on a boat to the other side.


There were all sorts of animals at the other side of the lake.
This is a deer.


The deer said, "Hey bro, what's up with your nose?"

Man, what a ruuuude deer!  My nose has always been like this, hasn't it?