After writing my story in these pages, somebody saw it and sent a letter to my family.  Stella, my owner, got in touch with me a few days ago and so I found out where to go to get home.


Stella sent me this nice picture, to remind me what she looked like.  Since I'd been away for so long, I had almost forgotten.


My gold hunting was quite successful, luckily, so I could afford to pay the Post Office at Arrowtown to help me to get home.  I had to put a return address on the bag, so I used the address of the nice boy and his family, in case I got lost in the mail.

Here is a picture of me, after I climbed into a cardboard tube to keep myself safe in the post.  There was a hole in the front which was good, so I could breathe.


In the picture you can also see how nice my nose is now, since it was fixed.  I didn't really take any proper before and after pictures.

Thank you for reading my story.  I hope you enjoyed it.  You can still email me anytime you want to.

Bye, from Robby Robot.