When I got out of the Bankok Airport I had to wait for ages for a Taxi because, being so short, nobody saw me waving.


But finally I got to the hospital.

Everyone was really kind, because they could see how disfigured I was and how much it must have been affecting my life, especially when I told them about the rude deer.

I wasn't allowed any lunch, because the doctor said he'd do the operation in the afternoon.


What a great doctor.  He kept coming back to check on me every hour.  He had such a nice smile and he told great jokes!  Remind me to tell you some of them sometime.

I had to keep the bandages on for a week.  It was nice that everyone was so friendly, because nobody I know sent me any flowers or get well cards.

I finally got the bandages off, and boy was I relieved!  Then they moved me to a nicer room, with windows and I was allowed to get out of bed if I wanted to.  I had to ask a nurse though, because it was a long way down to the floor and I didn't want to bump my nice new nose.


Those doctors and nurses were really nice too.